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Mar 27

Universe Of Learning Education

NASA’s team has released distinctive and inspiring informal learning activities appropriate for diverse audiences. Examples include taking and developing telescope images, watching 3D visualizations or videos about astronomical topics, exploring a range of photos from space- and ground-based telescopes, and in-person and online events and activities you can adapt to your space and audience needs.

Jan 27

Viaje al Universo

Viaje al Universo is an annual week-long program for schools, families and the public in the NOIRLab host communities of La Serena/Coquimbo and engages staff in local classrooms and public events.

Jan 27


AstroDay is one of NOIRLab’s longest-running educational programs. AstroDay Chile aligns with the National Day of Astronomy in Chile.

Jan 27

Under Dark Skies

Several of our educational activities across all locations in Arizona, Chile and Hawai‘i focus on observations of the night sky and its phenomena, such as constellations, lunar phases or the planets.

Jan 27

Community Outreach

The NOIRLab facilities in Chile, Tucson, and Hawai‘i engage in myriad community events ranging from public star parties to science fairs and even parades!

Jan 27

Star Educators

Star Educators is NOIRLab’s teacher training program, and encompasses the many workshops and training opportunities we participate in at all of our locations.

Jan 27

Teaching With Telescopes

Teaching with Telescopes is designed to help teachers bring small telescopes into the classroom with a focus on the Galileoscope, a low-cost, high-optical-quality telescope designed to let students recreate Galileo’s historic observations.

Jan 27

Globe at Night

Globe at Night is an online international citizen science program to raise awareness of the issues of light pollution by inviting people from all over the world to measure and submit their local night sky brightness observations.

Jan 27

Project ASTRO

Project ASTRO is implemented in partnership with the Astronomical Society of the Pacific and focuses on connecting scientists with teachers and families.

Jan 27

Journey through the Universe

Journey Through the Universe is the longest-running (17 years and counting!) local outreach program in the Gemini North host communities on Hawai‘i Island.

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