Illustration of the two extremely large telescopes now being planned.

AURA collects US-ELTP documentation as a service to our community, and provides the material on an “as-is” basis.

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  • LocationLearn about the factors used to determine the site locations for the extremely large telescopes.
  • Adaptive OpticsExplore the cutting-edge adaptive optics systems that allow us to see distant objects with a level of clarity rivaling and surpassing that of space-based telescopes.
  • The Search for LifeDiscover how the US-ELTP is pioneering the search for life beyond our Solar System. 
  • Exoplanet FormationLearn about the powerful US-ELTP capabilities that will enable us to characterize exoplanets and gain insights into their formation.
  • The Milky Way and Its NeighborsUnveil how US-ELTP astronomers will use the Milky Way as a laboratory to enhance our understanding of galaxy evolution.