Media Contacts

In US:

Shari Lifson
AURA Corporate Communications Coordinator
Washington D.C. | +1 (202) 769-5232

In Chile:

Camila Ibarlucea
Communications Coordinator for AURA in Chile & Office Manager | +56 51 2205217


AURA Logo for Light Background

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4-Color: C100 M86 Y30 K23 / K100 (pdf)

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AURA White Logo for Dark Backgrounds

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Image Use

Each of our centers has their own terms of use regarding images. Please refer to the following websites for information:

Hubble Space Telescope Images: STScI Copyright Policy

NOIRLab: NOIRLab Conditions of Use

National Solar Observatory images: Conditions of Use for NSO Images

Gemini Observatory images: Gemini Observatory Image/Video Usage Policy

Vera C. Rubin Observatory: Media Usage Policy