Q. How do I obtain copyright permission to use AURA images?

A. Each of our centers has their own terms of use regarding images. Please refer to the following websites for information:
     Hubble Space Telescope Images: STScI Copyright Policy
     National Optical Astronomy Observatory telescope images: NOAO Conditions of Use
     National Solar Observatory images: Conditions of Use for NSO Images
     Gemini Observatory images: Gemini Observatory Image/Video Usage Policy
     Large Synoptic Survey Telescope images: LSST Media Usage Policy

Q. Where can I find a listing of universities that offer undergraduate and graduate programs in astronomy?

A. On the Membership Institutions page, you will find a list of member universities and institutions, each providing a link to its respective astronomy department website. This list contains many, but not all, university-based astronomy programs.

Q. Where can I find career information related to astronomy?

A. For career opportunities with AURA’s Centers, please visit our Career Opportunities page. The American Astronomical Society’s (AAS) Jobs page also contains a lot of useful employment information. AAS posts a job register of professional astronomy positions worldwide.

Q. Who can I contact about star-naming?

A. Visit the International Astronomical Union’s (IAU) website for information regarding buying and naming stars.