Jun 9

Resources for #ShutdownSTEM

#ShutdownSTEM, Wednesday June 10, is a day of international protest of systemic racism in research and academia calling for STEM and research professionals to stop their normal activities of research, teaching and meetings for one day, in response to the killing of George Floyd and others. The organizers call for a halt to “business as usual” to accommodate conversations, learning and reflection on systemic racism in research and academia and to create a plan of action for the future.

Below are resources for learning about these important issues. Details about the #ShutdownSTEM movement can be found on their website.

Franklin Institute Videos
Race and Space Part 1 addresses why there are so few black astronomers 

Race and Space Part 2 looks at how identity contributes to people’s work 

Race and Space Part 3 is on how black astronomers survive in their careers 

Ted Talks on Understanding Racism in America

UCAR DEI Reading Material

Dara Norman – The Inclusion Revolution
AAS Zoom Plenary Lecture

#ShutdownSTEM Resource Page