Sep 27

AURA Board of Directors

Composition and Roles

The Board, which meets three times a year, establishes the policies of AURA, approves its budget, elects members of the Management Councils, and appoints the President, the Center Directors, and other principal officers. The Board of Directors is responsible to the Member Representatives for the effective management of AURA and the achievement of its purposes.

Andrew Baker

Rutgers University

Martin Barstow

Institute of Space & Earth Observation/Physics & Astronomy
University of Leicester

Sarbani Basu (Vice-Chair)

Astronomy Department
Yale University

James Crocker

Lockheed Martin retired

Debra Elmegreen (Chair)

Department of Physics & Astronomy
Vassar College

Kimberly Andrews Espy

University of Texas at San Antonio

Maura Hagan

Utah State University

Todd Hoeksema

W.W. Hansen Experimental Physics Laboratory
Stanford University

Jill Hruby

Laboratories Director, Emeritus
Sandia National Laboratories

Chryssa Kouveliotou

George Washington University

Matt Mountain (ex officio)


Mark Phillips

Las Campanas Observatory
Carnegie Observatories

Rob Pike

Google Australia PTY, Ltd.

David Reitze

Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory
California Institute of Technology

Maria Teresa Ruiz

Departamento de Astronomia
Universidad de Chile

Robert Shelton

Giant Magellan Telescope Organization

Tom Woods

Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics
University of Colorado Boulder

 James H. Yeck

Brookhaven National Laboratory
University of Wisconsin-Madison